Monday, November 24, 2008

So Sweet

Yesterday at Mass they talked about collecting turkeys and canned foods for the poor. I had every intention of taking a donation, but Jake really beat me to it. While I was upstairs digging in the attic, I heard Sam say, "Wheeere are you going Jake??" I ran downstairs to find Jake standing there with the big box we keep his shoes in and the above sign. I said, "Jake, you can't just go door to door and ask for money. People don't know if you are honest, and secondly, you could get hurt. Lastly, no one is going to give you enough money to fill that enormous box!" He replied, "Mom, are you saying I can't fundraise for the poor?" What could I say to that?
I told him that it would be ok as long as he and Sam went together and they did not leave our street. I also suggested that they ask for canned foods instead of cash and that they tell people the donations were for the St. Vincent DePaul Society.
Well, they did indeed collect A LOT of canned food. I was very proud and impressed with their efforts and I told them to take it all out to the garage and put it on the shelf on the left hand side of the freezer. This morning I went outside to gather it up and I couldn't find it. They had put it on the left hand shelf INSIDE the freezer!!! Thank the Good Lord that they did not all explode. So now we are defrosting it, and checking to see what happens to frozen canned foods before we donate it. Any ideas????

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Anita Matejka Photography said...

Too funny! What great kids you are raising (even if they put it inside the freezer! LOL!). Way to go Jake and Sam!