Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Naked on the Farm

Will discovered how much fun the hose can be while visiting his grandparents in Fresno. When we got back to Bakersfield, we went outside to play and I let him have the hose. Oh Boy, did he love it! Very quickly he soaked his clothes, so I stripped him down. Then the fun really began! It's so much fun to spray Jake!

Planting corn

Learning About Airplanes with Pop

Over the last few months we have discovered that Will REALLY loves airplanes. Just like his Daddy and his Pop! My dad had his own plane until just a couple of years ago. Will was born just a little too late...sigh. At least they can still enjoy looking at airplane books and playing with airplane toys.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Firecracker Popscicles are yummy!
Our homemade flag. Made from the handprints and footprints of all the children in our home this week!
Flag cake for dessert

Ally loves her popscicle too!
Uncle Sam wants you to have a Happy Fourth of July!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Day at the Races

We had a great time at the horse races on Friday
John explaining to us the intricacies of the betting process Waiting for the ponies to run
Ally being a silly girl!
Rob and Ronan having a great time

Will making more crazy faces!
Dad throws Will into the heavens
Caught in the rain

Ally and Rob got soaked!
So did Jake and Dad!

Jake dancing in the rain!
We made a small profit for the day...not surprisingly it all went to Sam. He knows how to bet!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun in Oak Creek

I am so excited because my dearest friends are visiting from California. Rob, Leigh Ann, Ronan and Ally arrived on Monday and we have been busy ever since! Yesterday we went on a hike in Oak Creek Canyon and then fishing at the trout farm. Here are some pictures of our adventures! Ronan in the window of an old cabin Sammy in the same window
Will didn't really want to walk, he just wanted to play in the dirt and pick up rocks
Ally wasn't sure about this hiking businessWill found a HUGE butterfly and almost caught it. It's just to the right of his shadow in this picture
Sam and Ronan playing in the creek
Will making one of his silly faces!
Daddy and Will taking a week
Ally at our picnic
I think she wanted me to stop taking her picture
Rob, Ronan and Ally fishing at the trout farm.
Sam and Ronan
Ally wasn't too sure about that fish
Will loved it!
So did Jake! He is a born fisherman!
All the boys watching the fish being cleaned
Will was very impressed with the insides of the fish!