Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Blessed Easter Sunday

Sleepy eyes awake to a basket of Easter joys!
Will said, "The Easter Bunny left this?? I love it!" He said it like Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies were brand new ideas. And then I realized to Will they are!
When you're 12 the bunny skips hot wheels and silly putty and just gives cash in the eggs. It made Jake really happy!
Sammy deciding what to eat first
Will found the golden egg!
Our little stinker
Uncle Tommy, Joe and Cheryle
Erin looking up in the trees for eggs

Will ditched the basket for a machine gun. His father's son.
Thomas, Grace and Jake
Erin and Ally take a break from hunting eggs to tell the cows "Happy Easter!"
Liz and her perfect little granddaughter
Dad and Cheryle get ready to go
Ally kicks back
Will and Phil's girlfriend,Brittney. He loves her, and so do we!
Phil and Will
John being his silly self on the wagon ride
Good Friends!
Having a great time!
Ally giving Will some love!
Gran and Anna

Easter Preparations

On Holy Thursday we had friends over to dye Easter eggs and decorate cupcakes for the homeless. We had a blast and even though there were lots of kids it was still pretty orderly. An Easter miracle!
Believe it or not, Will's fingers did come clean in the bath!

Erin in her new Easter dress. After our morning projects we went shopping for a princess dress. We also had a great time trying all the make-up on at Sephora. If you can't have a daughter it sure is good to have a goddaughter!