Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting Ready

Here are some pictures of Sam in preop this morning. He is wearing super cozy feetie pajamas from Aunt Margaret and has a new penguin friend from the Hardys'. He loved it all so much! In fact, the nurse tried to give him a new teddy bear and he said, "No, you should save it for a kid who doesn't already have a special friend." Later he saw a little girl in her room with the bear and he said, "Mom, I think I did something nice--she got that bear!"
The funny things on Sam's head are called fiducials. They are markers for the stealth guided computer that will be used during the surgery. He went off to surgery at about 8:45 am and he was very brave. Not so much mom :(
We don't expect to hear anything for a while, it takes a LEAST an hour to get him hooked up to all the lines and actually start the incision.
Thanks for checking on us...we'll keep you posted.


The Harkeys 011406 said...

We love you all and hope everything goes well. Thank you for keeping us posted. We are thinking of and praying for you all. Love from Reno, Matt, Amanda and Aaron

therowleys said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers! We are praying that all goes well! We love you guys and are glad you are keeping us posted!
Ryan, Michele, Malorie, and Erin

contessa said...

What a great smile he has!! and I can't believe how brave he is!!
Hugs to you all,,your all in our prayers!
Love The Millers

Leigh Ann said...

Love you, stay strong!

Leigh Ann

The Little Reporters! said...

Way to go Sam! We are thinking about you and your family.