Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Sam woke up for a few minutes. He talked to us, he moved everything, he asked for water and swallowed fine, he even read the card on a FABULOUS gift from our friends the Matejkas! He is looking great! The pain started to set in after he was awake for a little bit, as well as his aversion to light and noise. So our wonderful nurse was quick with the pain meds, and he is probably going to be kept mostly asleep (except for hourly neurological tests) tonight. Right now he is curled up with his little penguin friend and he is wearing eye shades that Aunt Cheryle brought him. She is so clever!!! Thanks for checking on our Sammy. We can't tell you how much we aprreciate your thoughts and prayers.


Anita Matejka Photography said...

Sam, you are such a trooper!! So glad to hear things went so great and he is recovering well! Thank God for pain medication!!! I hope that his pain will be relieved, and he will recover quickly! He looks great for just having sugery!!

What a great mom for updating the blog so fast! You're awesome!!

contessa said...

Wow look at you!! We are all so glad he's ok and he's in good hands!! its wonderful when you see your prayers answered!!

Katie said...

What great news! So glad to hear that all went well. We've held you tightly in our prayers.
Katie, Eric & Theo

The Little Reporters! said...

we have a message for Sam on our blog. :)