Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Check this out

My great friend, Anita Matejka, who is an AMAZING photographer, wrote a nice entry about us on her blog today. Check it out if you have time and look at her other entries to see how exceptional her photography really is.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mardi Gras

Last night we went to our church's Mardi Gras celebration. We had so much fun! One of the best parts is that we bid on several silent auction items and we won them! We got some killer deals, hopefully the next time you see me I will have really WHITE teeth! Some of my very favorite Flagstaff ladies! In the center is Jocelyn and moving clockwise is Beth, Bre, Laura, Me and Cathy
John and Me
Beth and Me

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chess Obsessed

Jake and Sam have truly become obsessed with chess as of late and tomorrow they are joing the chess club at the Catholic school. They are soooo excited. Today they were practicing and I heard Sam offer Jake a draw with honor. He explained he was two moves from check mate and so it would be in his best interest to take the draw. Of course, Jake refused, but he offered him his hand for a gentlemanly shake after the game. Maybe they will learn sportsmanship from this...that would be wonderful!

Taking a Shower

This was only Will's second shower ever...I have no idea what the face is about. He is such a funny little boy, so full of personality. He is always making funny faces!

More Snow

We received about 18 inches of snow over the last two days. It could be miserable if you had to get to work or school. But we are really enjoying it since we don't have to leave our house! And as you can see I am very fortunate since I have Indiana Jones to shovel my driveway!

Will was really not into putting all the snow gear on. Once we got outside we discovered he couldn't stand or sit up in all that padding. Will said "Forget this! I'm going inside to take a nap!" in baby speak of course!
I have been getting a lot of questions as to why there are no pictures of me on the blog. Well here is your answer. I am always taking the pictures--mostly because I won't let anyone else touch my camera!!