Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gone Fishing!

We went down to Oak Creek Canyon this morning for a quick fishing trip. It was a beautiful morning and all of the boys had a good time being out in nature. As usual, Sam's favorite part was playing with the worms (which Will thought was pretty cool too!) Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything, maybe we will try again tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can't Catch Me!!

We're in trouble now! Will has figured out how to crawl up the stairs! He is having a great time zooming up to the guest quarters and trying to out crawl his dad. He can't wait to get his hands on his brothers' stuff! So far he won't go down on his own, and Lord help us when he figures this out!

Cowboy Day

Saturday was the National Day of the Cowboy, and Sedona had a fun celebration. They had the world champion gunslinger and the world record holder for rope tricks. Of course, this was right up Jake's alley. The boys had a great time, and especially enjoyed the roasted corn!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Everybody Missed Dad!

You can see from these pictures how much the boys missed John. When he is not working all three kids are all over him!!!

Will's New Room!!!

Will finally has a bedroom! It's completely baby-proofed, so he can play in his room all by himself. So, of course, he only wants to be in it if someone else is with him!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Only Jake!

This morning I sent Jake in to clean the bathroom. He came back with this new trick. Only Jake!!!


Last night was the groundbreaking for our new church. The bishop presided and blessed the land and the plants and all the people. Instead of plowing over the plants to build the road, Father Pat had each family dig up as many plants as they wanted. He asked that we transplant the plants and pray over them as they grow. The plants growth will be a reminder to pray for our parish as it grows as well. This was a great idea and the boys had a wonderful time finding and digging up their plants. Jake chose a cactus (which was a little difficult!) and Sam chose some pretty orange and yellow flowers. Will had fun just hanging out in the beautiful weather and watching his crazy brothers! The only problem was that we had some pretty heavy monsoon rains and we had to trek through really deep mud. But Jake and Sam thought that was pretty great too!

Baby Jail!

While we were visiting California Will learned how to crawl. Yikes! That means we were in for some serious baby proofing when we got back home. The safest and best plan we came up with was baby jail. This is actually a great gate system and eventually we can use it to gate off the stairwell as well. Let's just hope he will tolerate his stay in baby jail!