Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

A New Years Kiss
Ally and Will holding hands

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day

Sleepy boys waiting to open their presents
Will helping Pop open his gift and enjoying a donut that St. Nicholas left in his stocking
This year, instead of having a gift exchange, our family decided to have a gingerbread house decorating contest. Jessica, Gracie and Will were a team.
Anna, Amanda and Aaron were a team
Some of the decorating goodies

Amanda and Anna made Max, from the Grinch
Will eating frosting from Jessica's finger
Anna working on their Whoville village
Phillip, Jake and Sam were a team and made a beautiful church

Anna and Amanda and Aaron's Whoville
Jessica, Grace, and Will's creation
Kim and Cheryle were the judges
The boys were the winners!!!

The Best Day Ever

Our friends, the Hardy's, invited us over for an amazing day of fun. The kids had goat rides, horse rides and even got to ride their REALLY high zip line. Everyone thought it was better than a day at Disneyland. It was even more wonderful because it was spent with such generous and special friends like Jana, Skipper and Melissa! Riding the goats

Aaron checking everyone out
Will was not interested in riding in that cart. He wanted to ride the goat!
Jake and Aaron in the goat cart
Will riding Chip. Riding this horse made him the happiest, most content little boy ever!

Aaron had a turn on the horse
Lawrence and Sam getting their helmets on for their turn on the zipline

Sammy way up in the air
Lawrence after his ride. He had a great time!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jessica's Birthday Party

We celebrated Jessica's birthday December 21st with a trip to Moo Creamery, a fabulous restaraunt and ice cream shop in Bakersfield. Afterwards we went to the California Living Museum (CALM) to look at their amazing display of Christmas lights. They had ice cream cones just for babies!
The birthday girl
Will looking at the lights

Will and Aaron taking a ride in Aarons awesome new wheels!

Aaron on his daddy's shoulders
Sammy on a snowflake
Sam and Lawrence tried to steal the babies' ride
Sam and Lawrence
Will and Matt
Aaron and Grammy

Feast of St. Lucy

December 13th is the feast of our patron saint, St. Lucy. She is the patron saint against hemorrhages. She became even more special to us when my great nephew, Aaron, was diagnosed with glaucoma, because her name means light and she is also the patron saint of the blind. Many prayers were offered and St. Lucy proved to be a powerful intercessor because now Aaron has great eyesight and the clearest most beautiful blue eyes you could ever imagine. Needless to say we love St. Lucy and we love to make her yummy bread too! The bread is made in the shape of a wreath and topped with candles to symbolize the wreaths scandinavian girls wear on St. Lucy's feast. The bread is filled with lots of delicious butter, cinnamon and orange zest and frosted with an orange glaze. Delish!
Jake and Sam lit the candles and then we said a prayer and asked St. Lucy to take our prayers for good health and good eyesight straight to Jesus!
Then the boys blew out the candles...

and ate almost the entire loaf of bread!

Our First Blizzard

December 7th brought us our first real Flagstaff Blizzard. It was a doozey! We got two feet of snow in less than 24 hours, accompanied by 30-45 mile per hour winds! It was enough for ADOT to close the highway that John needs to travel home from work. Fortunately he was able to hop off the train in Flagstaff and a friend braved the conditions to bring him home to us. Will and I watched in the early morning hours as John walked up the hill to our house. He was sinking in the snow up to his thighs! Boy were we glad when he was inside, warming by the fire and our whole family was safe and sound together. Dad built Will a snow tunnel
Will gets a ride in his new sled
Nobody is too young to shovel around here!

Getting hit with a snowball is fun
Throwing a snowball is better!
Jake taking a break from shoveling
It's pretty deep!
These two guys moved a lot of snow!!