Saturday, January 31, 2009

Possibly the Best Book Ever

Ok, I admit, I may be biased. But it is a REALLY good book! Sam has been writing a series of books this week which all feature a member of our family in a superhero role. The books about John and the boys all have them fighting off evil villains with amazing powers. Last night Sam said he was going to write one called Super Mom. I couldn't wait to see what my super power would be. I figured it would be something like letting my kids stay up past their bed times and making lots of chocolate cake. But no, it is so much better!
Here are a few pages to fill you in on the basic plot:
It was breakfast time at the Neumans'
While I was cooking, I heard the cry of hungry children in the world, so I donned my super cape.
That's me flying above the hungry children with food shooting out of my hands to feed them.
Amazing! Could you ever imagine a better super power to have? I love it!


Katie said...

How sweet is that?!

Cookin' Bowles said...

Your son certainly knows his mama.