Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Snow

We received about 18 inches of snow over the last two days. It could be miserable if you had to get to work or school. But we are really enjoying it since we don't have to leave our house! And as you can see I am very fortunate since I have Indiana Jones to shovel my driveway!

Will was really not into putting all the snow gear on. Once we got outside we discovered he couldn't stand or sit up in all that padding. Will said "Forget this! I'm going inside to take a nap!" in baby speak of course!
I have been getting a lot of questions as to why there are no pictures of me on the blog. Well here is your answer. I am always taking the pictures--mostly because I won't let anyone else touch my camera!!


Anita Matejka Photography said...

Love the pictures! And Indiana Jones was the first thought I had when I saw that picture! LOL! I love that one of Jake and Will (nice natural lighting!!) ... and the one of you is so cute ... all bundled up! Glad you guys are enjoying the snow! Sure miss you!

The Little Reporters! said...

I was that way with my camera. I let Sarah us it, she does a really nice job. She likes it so much she won't use her own digital camera which is very nice. I can guilt her into using hers by reminding her I had to get up at 4 am and battle black Friday two years ago.

P.S. Can you cend Indiana over to help dig us out? I love my driveway until it snows.

Cookin' Bowles said...

I stay out of mine because I keep thinking I loose the weight. Yea right but still not putting my photo up. ;P