Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years Eve

Sam and Alex attended a vacation camp at a local gymnastics studio. On their last day they came home with these trophies. I was a little skeptical about how they got such amazing trophies after three days, but I had no idea that they won the trophies for diving. Dumpster diving that is! The gymnastics studio had thrown them away and Sam and Alex salvaged the treasures!
Will has a bath with hopefully his future wife, Ally Bowles!
In a strange reveral of roles, all the teenagers and young people stayed home and played board games on New Years Eve. Only my mom and dad went out to party! Anna, the family's makeup expert, got my mom ready.

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Anita Matejka Photography said...

I'm telling you, I thought that was you doing your mom's make-up!! The bracelets gave it away, but you guys look a lot alike!