Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Day in Oatman, AZ

On our way home from Bakersfield we decided to stop and stay the night in Laughlin. The next day we went to an old mining town that my dad told us about called Oatman. It was right up Jake's alley. Wild burros roam the streets, you can have a root beer in a bottle, there are gun fights in the street and junk is for sale everywhere!. We all loved it!
When we slowed down to park our car this crazy burro stuck his nose in to see what was going on!

Will got his first cowboy hat

Oops! We lost track of Will for just a second while in the hotel room!


Anita Matejka Photography said...

OH, that looks sooooo cool! Maybe I'll have to take that trek with the kids! HOW FUN! I'm going to have to hear more about this excursion! The toilet paper is cracking me up! It must have been quiet ... LOL!

Katie said...

How fantastic! I'll have to remember that when our kiddos are old enough for a good road trip. Will's hat!