Sunday, October 5, 2008

Will's 1st Birthday

Will's favorite present was this card from Aunt Cheryle, that plays "Old MacDonald" when you open it. He dances every time the music plays!
The birthday boy waves "Hello"!
I am not sure he likes the gift he received from Jessica and Joe. It's ok, because Mommy loves it and it will keep him good and warm this winter!
He loved his balloons too!
Jessica and the birthday boy
Banana pancakes for our little monkey!
Of course, he tried to grab the candle!
Fortunately, since Will is an amateur gift opener, he had the help of his big brothers
Aunt Kim got him a great first birthday outfit, he actually likes this hat and leaves it on.
I think even though he has a cold, Will still had a great first birthday!


Katie said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Will!!!
xoxo..K,E & T

Leigh Ann said...

Hey you got your plate back!

Hope he had a very special first birthday.

Auntie Leigh Ann