Friday, October 24, 2008

Big Day

It was a big day at our house (but kind of sad for mom). Will got his first haircut. It was hard to watch all that long wild and crazy hair come off. It really fit his personality. But one to0 many persons referred to him as a "she". So apparently the time had come. We couldn't believe how good our wild child was. He who climbs out of EVERYTHING, even the straps of his highchair, sat perfectly still while the lady cut his hair. And then he had his first lollipop. Boy was that a hit!! Jake and Sam came home later in the day from their Spanish class with another lollipop and Will was giddy with excitement. Of course Jake gave his lollipop to his baby brother, and he was one happy guy!!

We also went shoe shopping, and when Jake had his feet measured we learned he needed a mens' size. "What!", I said. And when the lady showed me my heart dropped. How could this child I held in my arms yesterday need mens' shoes? I guess I blinked.


Anita Matejka Photography said...

I hear you ... that was so hard for me too! I loved that long, wild crazy hair (to match the personality!) ... Too funny that he was good for you! The wild personality must have been something with these babies, because Blake is killing me!! He is so WILD!!

Katie said...

Love Will's haircut. But my heart is breaking for you about Jake's shoes. I can't imagine what that turning point will feel like.