Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sam and Calob

Sam had a very hard time leaving his friends in Bakersfield. Especially, his best friend, Grant Matejka. Every year at his birthday he has gotten really upset because his friends would not be here to help celebrate. It has taken him a long time to make another really close bond with someone, but luckily, he has found a GREAT friend in our next door neighbor Calob. Calob's family homeschools as well, so it is really nice that he is home throughout the day like Sam.

Thursday night I was sitting next to Sam and I said, "So do you think you have a Flagstaff best friend now?" He said yes, "Calob is 99% my best friend in Flagstaff. " I said, "That's good, how come?" And he said, "Well, the other day I got hurt by a brick and Calob ran up to get me a band aid." I said "Well, that was nice, so how come he is only 99% your best friend?" Sam replied, "Because he hit me with the brick!"


I did ask was anyone 100% his best friend? He said, "Of course, Jake!" Gotta love him!

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