Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sam's Birthday

Here are some pictures of Sam and his new mountain bike. He says it makes him go faster than any other kid on the street because it has 21 you can tell by the picture he can go pretty fast. Also, if you're wondering why Sam has such a pathetic looking birthday cake, (in the pan, not decorated) let me tell you why. Yesterday, I made him a beautiful layer cake. In fact I think it was the prettiest cake I have ever made. The layers were so high and straight, it was perfect! Well, a friend knocked on the door for the boys and Will woke up from his nap all at the same time. So while the boys went out to play I went downstairs to take care of Will. I heard a noise in the kitchen and when I went upstairs to see what the boys were getting into I couldn't believe my eyes. They had left the front door open when they went out, and a dog from way down the street, came in and ate Sam's ENTIRE cake off the counter!!!!! I would have taken a picture to show you, except there was NOTHING left to photograph!! So I had to start over. I wanted to buy a cake, but Sam wouldn't have it, and then I wanted to order a pizza instead of make the pork chops Sam had requested, but that did not go over well either. So we started over. Dinner was great, and the cake was still yummy...but no time for decorations!!

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therowleys said...

Oh my, what an adventure. I am giggling to myself imagining the look that must have been on your face when you came up the stairs and saw the dog eating the cake. Glad everything turned out great however. Sam has one heck of a story to tell about his 9th birthday!