Thursday, February 4, 2010


A while back, our friends, Ryan and Michele, gave us a sewing machine that was Ryan's mothers. Sam has been wanting to learn to sew for a long time now, but I could never fit the sewing machine in the car to get it back to Flagstaff. This trip Sam had plenty of time to learn to sew. Luckily, Aunt Kim was able to spend time with him teaching him everything from how to thread the bobbin, to making a quilt. (Which is a good thing because I don't even know how to turn the thing on!) He worked very hard and ended up with a beautiful quilt that he designed and made himself. Ryan's mother would be so pleased that he is putting her machine to such good use! And his great grandmother and Aunt Nola would be tickled as well! Good work Sammy!
Sam and Aunt Kim with the finished product