Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Mom's 75th Birthday Party

January 29th was my mom's 75th birthday. We had a small party at the Country Club. It was a fantastic party for an amazing lady! A picture of Mom when she was younger and the delicious cake. My dad told the story that when he took this picture in to be framed the man in the frame shop said, "Who is that movie star?" My dad said, "It's no movie star, it's the girl I'm going to marry." The man laughed and said, "Yeah, right!" Poor dad!! But lucky Dad, especially since he has been able to spend almost 57 years with that beautiful girl!

Amanda putting the finishing touches on the table
Mom and Dad
My nephews, Phil and Joe and my niece Jessica
Anna and Pop
Brad and Liz with a big bottle of our favorite Madorom. Yep, we drank the whole one night! It was fantastic as usual!

Mom with some of her closest friends, Margaret, Dorothy and Sandi
Amanda and Granny share a hug
Kim and Amanda
Matt, Amanda and baby Aaron

Mom cuts the cake--Will is in the back very excited, yelling, "Let's eat cake!!"

Grammy and baby Aaron
Aunt Cheryle gives Alex's baby a rub. We all are so excited for our new great niece to arrive!
John and me
Liz and Kim
Joe, charming the ladies, as usual
Cheryle and Liz
John and Uncle Kenny
Gracie gets a hug from Aunt Kim
MOA lovin' on Aaron
Mom and Kim
Mom and me
Granny with Jessica, Anna and Gracie
Mom with her brother Tom and his family, Andrea, Thomas and Alex
Mom with our family
Mom with her girls
Kim gives Gracie a dip!
My brother, me and our favorite wine!
Brad gave Mom this cookbook--the title is so true--she could have written it!

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Katie said...

Liz~I love the pic of you & your mom. Looks like a very fun, memorable time!