Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Adventure to the North Shore

Saturday afternoon we went to Turtle Beach. There were turtles everywhere, on the shore and in the water! Will was very impressed and wanted to ride one. He cried and cried when the turtle he became attached to turned and swam back into the ocean.
Look closely in the water at the wave and you will see a sea turtle riding the wave.

Jake found a sand crab
This place is famous for shaved ice. It was invented here on Oahu. You can get it with ice cream and sweet beans on the bottom--it's surprisingly good!

Will really loved the shaved ice
But it's soooo cold!

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Anita Matejka Photography said...

You're killing me!!!! That beach is AMAZING, and I sooooo want to go back to Hawaii!!! Your pictures are fabulous! Love them!

We went to that same beach with the turtles and the snow cone place! I think I had the beans, but Katelyn wasn't so sure! It was good!

Sure wish I could live there! Have you guys visited that one snorkeling site? I can't spell it! LOL!

I'm glad you are having so much fun! It's so good for your family!!!