Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day!!

This was our front yard at 7am. It really was this pink!

Brownies and snow ice cream in their thermals!!

Will really like the snow ice cream!
Delicious, but cold!!

It began snowing lightly yesterday and by this morning we had well over a foot. We will probably have 2-2 1/2 feet by Thursday. Another storm is forecasted for early next week so I think there is a good chance we will have a white Christmas! It would be our first ever and we are all REALLY excited (especially John!)

I had planned to stay in all day and bake and make candy with the boys, but they had very different ideas. They played outside in the snow from 8:30am until 6:00pm!! They came in for lunch and that was it. All the schools were closed so the neighborhood was full of kids. They built snowmen and igloos; they had major snowball wars, and the sledded and sledded some more! Boy, were they hungry for dinner and now they are really tired. As Sam would say, "Sweet!"

So, Will and I stayed inside all day. I made English Toffee, molasses cookies, brownies, white beans and ham, spaghetti, and when the boys came in for lunch we made snow ice cream!! It was good--but real ice cream is a lot better! Will didn't care, he thought it was delicious!!

Tomorrow we are planning on using Aunt Becky's childhood recipe for taffy. Our neighbors are coming over and I'm hoping I get the taffy right. I know they will have a great time pulling it!!

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