Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Yesterday was St. Nicholas' Day, which in our house means you wake up to treats in your shoes!! We read several books about St. Nicholas this year in preparation for this day, and we especially enjoyed a new find called The Baker's Dozen. I made cookies like the ones found in the book (sort of!) which the boys enjoyed having for breakfast. I think St. Nicholas' Day is my favorite advent feast day because we get to celebrate the magic and joy of giving, but in the context of a real person, whose life we can imitate. I think Will really liked it too, but for different reasons...he knew immediately that there was something tasty inside that form of St. Nicholas and when I peeled the foil back to reveal the chocolate his eyes grew wide and he said, "OOOOO!" For the next hour he sat happily licking away while I finished baking the cookies!!

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