Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We flew home to Bakersfield December 2nd to surprise my dad. He was putting his draft horses and wagon in the Christmas parade, but was wishing his little grandsons could ride along in the parade. So as his Christmas present, my sister sent airline tickets for us to all come home and surprise him. Only dad surprised us! He showed up at Cheryle's door about 45 minutes after we arrived. Oh well! It all worked out and we still surprised him. Plus we got one extra day to spend with him! Jake and Will sitting on the wagon while Pop ties it down.
Will helping Pop work. This little boy loves his grandfathers! Both Oompa (John's Dad) and Pop are his favorite people. He was very excited to work and kept saying, "Pop, boots, hat, work!"
Aaron in his wagon.

Will pulling Aaron

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