Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Parade Day

Will was happy to wake up to his new friend George

Amanda making the signs for the parade

Aaron just being his cute self!
Aaron with his godmothers Gracie and Anna
Only a Granny would let a toddler stir the hot chocolate...
and drink it from the spoon! Lucky baby!
Pop, Will and Joe get the horses going
My sister-in-law, Liz and niece Danielle riding in the wagon

My sister Kim holding Aaron who is all cowboyed up for the parade!

My nephew and godson, Phillip
Sam, Alex and Jake. They were supposed to be waving those candy canes and saying Merry Christmas, but they immediately turned them into swords! Sigh... My sister, Cheryle and cousin, Keith
Cheryle got cleanup duty.
Everyone on the wagon that Cheryle and Amanda decorated so cute!

Amanda, Kim and Aaron, who had had enough fun!

The wagon going under the TV lights. The kids were so excited to see themselves on tv! At the rear are Amanda and Cheryle carrying the "poop wagon". We thought we had a great system of tying the little wagon to the big wagon to put the horse poop in--but when Dad left Cheryle standing holding a shovel of poo literally, Amanda decided to pull the wagon for her. It was ok though, the crowd cheered Cheryle as she ran to catch up to us carrying her poop shovel! Jake putting away the jingle bells after a night of fun!

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