Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Drive to Bill Williams Mountain

Will and Pop This is where Will gets his love of boots. All weekend he would say, "Pop, hat, booooots!"
Matt and Aaron
Aaron flying in the air!
Jake and his Aunt Kim

Aaron, seconds before he fell off this rock. Oops!
There was a big fire raging, and Pop and Will are checking out the smoke.
On a clear day this spot would be really amazing because you can see all the way to the Grand Canyon to the North and Oak Creek Canyon to the south. Unfortunately, it was not a clear day! But we did get to see three dear and a bear cub! Also, Will learned to tell his first fish story. When he was telling Amanda that he saw the bear, he said, "OOOh bear, teeth, mean." I said, "It was just a baby" and he firmly replied,
"No, bear BIG!"

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