Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Day at Lockett Meadow

Monday we headed back up to Lockett Meadow for our day of faux camping. Will helped make the campfire,
he and Sam helped set up the tent,
and he even chopped kindling!
We saw this lone aspen tree surrounded by pines
on our hike.
Will promptly swiped my walking stick!
Silly baby!
Sam making a walking stick of his own.
Three boys off for a walk
Jake played music for us around the campfire. Unfortunately, we had to leave earlier than we hoped because a bitterly cold wind was sweeping across the meadow. Not even the campfire could keep us warm!
At the very end of our day we were interviewed by Arizona Highways TV show. It's scheduled to air on Saturday. It should be a hoot, actually, it's a fairly typical depiction of our family. We are sitting under some lovely aspens being interviewed about the beautiful fall colors, and I hear John talking over me, "Jake, Sam stop it!" Afterwards, I asked why he was scolding the boys during the interview, and he said that while I was talking, Sam had picked up a bayonet and was waiving it around for the camera. Great...maybe we will end up on the cutting room floor! That's our boys for you!

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