Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whose Been Eating our Cat's Food

This little guy and his merry band of brothers have been sneaking into our garage at night. I wondered why the cats' were eating so much food! One night I went out to get something and I saw a racoon and gasped! Then they started coming out from all over the place! The little bandits were calmly nosing through our belongings. The cats were hiding under a shelf shaking in their fur! The racoons; however, were not afraid of us at all. They just looked up as if to say, "Aaah, at least we meet!"

On a sad note, our sweet kitty Baghera was hit by a car last week and died. Sam really misses him, but the mice will be happy. Hopefully Maple will step up and take over where Baghera left off.

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