Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun at the Fair

It's fair time! Everyone got on their boots for a day of fun!
Will really loved riding the pony. Her name was Vicky, and he did NOT want to get off. He kept saying more, more, ONE more!!
Walking down the bleachers all by himself! His favorite way to do everything these days! I should also tell you that Will is obsessed with those boots. They are the first thing he asks for every morning and at night he doesn't want me to take them off for bed. He thinks boots are a wardrobe staple; they go with anything from jeans and overalls to shorts and pajamas. I think his favorite ensemble though, is just boots and a diaper! He frequently calls "Mom-Mom, booots, Mom-Mom, boooots!" He's got a lot of his pop in him!
Having fun listening to a concert
Funnel cake. Need I say more????
Jake and Sam had a great time doing the Euro Bungee!

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