Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Perfect Day

Today may have been the perfect day. We left the house early and headed down to Sedona with our mountain bikes. We were ready to ride the pathway around Bell Rock. It was absolutely beautiful in Sedona. Usually it is quite hot this time of year, but today it was in the low 70s with a perfect breeze. The sky was an amazing blue, all making it the perfect day for a ride.
Heading down the path

Whoo...that was hard work! Will learns to drink from the camel back.
We biked as far as we could...but not as far as I would have hoped! Then we put the bikes aside and hiked.
Will pooped out!
A bee in the bloom of a cactus
He was sleeping so hard that a bubble of drool formed on his mouth!
After our hike we headed into Sedona to look at the art galleries. We saw an amazing sculptor working on one of his bronzes as well as Native American musicians and hoop dancers. My pictures of this somehow disappeared from the post, and I can't figure out where they went. But take my word for it, it was wonderful! After that we headed back to Flagstaff and went to confession and then Mass. It was a perfectly beautiful and peaceful day. I hope your weekend is going just as well!

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Tonje' and Hannah said...

Hi we got to see everyone and we were thinking about how cute Will is and that he sure is a drooler! Hope to see you soon love Hannah!