Saturday, September 27, 2008

Science Festival

Today we went to the Flagstaff Festival of Science. We had a great time and we saw a lot of amazing physics and chemistry experiments. The boys even played with robots!

Sam definitely thought the best part was all the really cool bugs! But I think my favorite part had to be watching Jake. Sometimes this oldest son of mine is such an inspiration! I find myself delighted at the curiosities of his mind, and in awe of his ability to approach anyone, and ask any question so as to satisfy that curiosity. These are qualities I truly wish I had and that I so admire in Jake. Here are some pictures of Jake doing what Jake does best...talking to people, and learning a lot!

Sam petting a tarantula
Sam and a millipede
Jake holding a stick bug (I think?)
Sam with the eye of an owl!
Will says, "This, This!!!"

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