Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dinousaur Fun in Phoenix!

Jake is really excited for Walking with the Dinosaurs-The Live Experience to Start!
Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, which Jake also loved because of the many, many guitars!

While waiting to get into the show, Will finds a girl to flirt with.

Jake finds someone who is interested in hearing him talk about Dinosaurs.
Actually, he met another kid who thought he was such an amazing expert on the subject that he actually asked for Jake's autograph!!!

OOOOHHHHH---the anticipation!

Brachiasaurus and T-Rex

Will loved it too! He kept pointing and saying "This, This!!"

Panning for gold at the Arizona Naural History Museum

Sam inside a very old meteorite

Watching the universe

All my boys in front of a triceratops at the museum

Jake is giving us a lesson on T-Rex

Wow! A mammoth is really big!

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