Sunday, January 3, 2010

Feast of St. Lucy

December 13th is the feast of our patron saint, St. Lucy. She is the patron saint against hemorrhages. She became even more special to us when my great nephew, Aaron, was diagnosed with glaucoma, because her name means light and she is also the patron saint of the blind. Many prayers were offered and St. Lucy proved to be a powerful intercessor because now Aaron has great eyesight and the clearest most beautiful blue eyes you could ever imagine. Needless to say we love St. Lucy and we love to make her yummy bread too! The bread is made in the shape of a wreath and topped with candles to symbolize the wreaths scandinavian girls wear on St. Lucy's feast. The bread is filled with lots of delicious butter, cinnamon and orange zest and frosted with an orange glaze. Delish!
Jake and Sam lit the candles and then we said a prayer and asked St. Lucy to take our prayers for good health and good eyesight straight to Jesus!
Then the boys blew out the candles...

and ate almost the entire loaf of bread!

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