Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mass in Our Home

Our family had a really wonderful experience last night. Our priest came to our home to celebrate mass with our family and a few friends. It was such an intimate way to experience the mass and I think most of us found it difficult not to tear up at the beauty of it all. Beth and Bre came over Monday night to help us prepare the Eucharistic bread
Sam stirs up the dough which can only be made of flour and pure spring water
We were also able to provide the Eucharistic wine, so of course we used MadoroM, which has already proven miraculous for our family

We moved our furniture and gathered around our priest for mass

"For where two or three have gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst"
Matthew 18: 20
The intention for this mass was for our dear friend Dolores Rowley, who lost her life to cancer last week. Her life was an inspiration and her conversion to Catholicism was a series of miracles that left us all inspired. Those who love her rest assured that through her baptism she was sanctified and she watches over us all in heaven. John and I know that not only did we experience the presence of Christ in our living room Wednesday; but that all the choirs of heaven were present to sing the praise of Dolores' life. We will all miss her wit and wisdom dearly; but it is a comfort to know that one day we will meet her in paradise.
As a mother, I feel that I can say with confidence that she felt much deserved pride in the life of her son, Ryan. Ryan is John's greatest friend, and he holds a rather large piece of my heart as well. I know that I constantly think that the way my life should be judged is by what kind of men my children grow to be. I pray that they will be devout men, as well as good husbands and fathers. Dolores accomplished this with Ryan without the help of the Church, and for that I am in awe! I know that if my sons grow up to be half the man that my friend, Ryan, is I will have done my job very, very well. And one cannot ignore the fact that she and I shared a total devotion to Ryan and Michele's daughter, Erin. You have probably seen her picture on my blog before, she is the AMAZING little girl who John and I get to call goddaughter. What a blessing! And while Dolores' presence will be greatly missed; it is good to know that I have a new Saint in heaven to intercede on my behalf-- in the raising of GOOD men.
"Her children rise up and call her Blessed; her husband also saying; many daughters have done nobly, but you excel them all." Proverbs 31: 28-29

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therowleys said...

Thank you so much for praying for my mom during your mass. I can't express to you the profound gratitude and love we feel toward you guys. My father was especially moved, and we all remember the great fondness my mom had for all of you but especially for "flippiant boy" John.